starting business logoHave You Been Looking For A Way Of Starting Business Online?

Are you looking to Make Money online?

Yes? Well on this page is a way to make money starting business online.

You may not start to make money next week or even next month but you will make money.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Well that is a big question.

I’ll ask

  • What are you promoting?
  • How are you promoting it?
  • How many people are looking for it?
  • Is it a low price item?

There are a hundred more questions you could be asked and we still wouldn’t have the answer.

But don’t worry.

What we need to do is to plan what you are going to do to setup your business.

What About an Offer of Starting Business Online?

Ok here it comes the BIG sell.

What if you could setup a business for FREE?

Yeah I know expensive isn’t it.

Ok now you are thinking – what’s the catch?starting business lessons

You will need to sign in. That’s it! no more than that.

So what do you get for free – it can’t be much!!

I reckon it is!

You are able to setup two websites – not just one but two.

Have access to the first level of training – all 10 modules.

Be able to chat with other business owners who are making this work.

Interact with a community of over 100,000 other people who are doing the same as you.

I don’t think that is too bad for free.

You have a week to try out the chat, after that you can read but not ask questions.

You still keep the websites and access to the training.

Why not have a look at one of the training units now.starting business certification

Well If I Enjoy That What Next?

If you have gone that far why not think about signing up for premium?

Yeah I know – you think it’s going to be expensive. Not for what you are getting it isn’t.

For just over one and a half dollars a day you can access the whole site.

If you sign up for the year the cost comes down to less than a dollar a day!!

So for $47 per month or $359 per year you can create a business online.

You will get access to all of the training modules – 5 levels with 10 modules within each level.

The training is a step by step course with tasks to complete at the end of the lessons.

This method will guide you in creating your business online.

If you get stuck, just ask a question. The only stupid question is the one left unasked.starting business menu

Use the search bar to see if someone else has had the same problem.

There is another section for wa affiliate bootcamp, training you how to sell the training.

Every week jay (chief trainer) has a webinar, if you cannot attend then you can catch up with the replay.

But I’m Not Technical and I Don’t Know How to Set up a Website!!

No problem, within the program is an area called SiteRubix. This is where you setup your websites. The two free ones are subdomains (you don’t own them) of the program. If you leave you can export the content but you cannot move the sites but you can make money from them!!!

It is better when you go premium to buy a domain ( you own this one – or at least rent it yearly), so if you leave the program you can move your whole site to somewhere else.

Setting up the website is very easy and can be done – according to Kyle (the co-owner/tutor) – in 30 seconds.

I haven’t managed to achieve this but in less than 10 minutes you are up and running with a website.starting business website

But Then What?

Follow the training – it walks you through the process of setting up menus, creating content, marketing and monetising. Essentially creating an engaging, interesting well structured website.

Once you have all that and you have people looking at your site, you add more content, improve the traffic quantity and keep going.

That’s it? – That’s all there is to creating a business online?

Yep, see nothing too it – Just bring yourself, an idea, a bit of time – oh and some determination to succeed.

See what you can achieve with the training. Be the envy of your friends, see them going off to work while you carry the coffee to where you work. Catch up on your e-mails (some things don’t change).

Check the statistics on your site ( it’s all right it is in the training!!). Add another piece of quality content and you’re finished!!

Now what to do? It’s only dinner time!!!

Nah only kidding – producing the content at the beginning is hard work. But it is worth it when other start reading your content and commenting on it.

Eventually you can start to relax and take things easy, there will be a lot of content on the site and you will go back and update pieces you are not happy with and carry out site maintenance.

From this you can see your lifestyle can change, gone could be the 9-5, gone could be the commute, gone could be the stress of the boss breathing down your neck to finish that piece of work he will get into trouble with.

Is it possible – yes – there are many success stories within Wealthy Affiliate.

Some exceptional.

My First $10,000

others more down to earth.

I Hit $500 a Month

There are many more inside.

I cannot guarantee you will make a fortune, but your success will go hand in hand with the amount of effort you put into your business.

I reckon you should give it a go.

Click <here> to sign in with Wealthy Affiliate and starting business online

If you have any comments on this post, or need more information please leave them in the box below.

Have fun.



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