Getting your post ranked in google – what is involved?

Blogging is all about adding value to people. Traffic is the life blood of blogs. To get this traffic you want to know how to get in the first page of Google.

First things firstHow to get in the first page of google- idea

You have the plan for your site.

You have the idea for the post.

So now to the research.

You find out information related to the idea. Jot this down.

Now for the title

Keyword research shows you a long tailed keyword (LTK) with monthly searches of about 100 and a QSR ( quoted search result – results returned from Google when putting the LTK in quotes). And it is in english!!

Yeah you have hit the jackpot – ideally you want 1,000’s of searches but this one will do!! – this one will be easy to rank on page one !!How to get in the first page of google-seo

So to the post

You use the LTK for the title.

Including it in the first 165 words – to get the meta description. You go all out to make it valuable information for the reader.

The pictures relate to the content and are reinforcing where they are, the alt titles include the LTK.

The LTK appears in the last sentence as well.

Your SEO checker gives you a score of 70/100 not too bad – keyword density a bit low but sacrifice this to make it readable.

You proof read it – correcting the couple of spelling mistakes that have crept in along with the grammar (how did that happen?)

Passing it through your pet plagiarism checker shows it is all your own work!! yippee.

It is now ready

You haven’t posted for a week, and it is about this time you post anyway so you hit publish.

Ok you know it won’t be there straight away. So you go to google webmaster tools and hit the fetch and render.

Then after it has found it add to index.

All looks good.

You type your LTK into Google and……How to get in the first page of google-post

Where’s my page? Who are all these others? But I thought there was only one other competition!!

Where am I?

So you try again this time you enclose your LTK in quotes.

Wahay! you are ranked on page one number one…..

So what’s happened when you search for your result in Google without the quotes?

Going back, you search again without the quotes, thinking it will be on page two, nope

page three – nope …page 4…5..

Skip forward to page 11 near the bottom – there you are !!!!

Hang on I thought I would be on page one with only one other competition!! what happened?

All that work to be ranked on page 11 ( fume, fume) it’s not worth it!! i’m giving up!!!

Google happened that’s what.

Your keywords are not the only thing you get ranked on, there are a lot of other things as well.

One of the most important – probably more important then the LTK is inbound links !!

What do you mean you don’t have any of those!!How to get in the first page of google-links

Oh! and it’s not just the quantity of inbound links, it’s the quality of them!! – bad quality links will hurt your site for a long time so don’t use them!!

If you do rise to the top Google will look at your site closely, it it thinks you are not supposed to be there then you will drop down the rankings again.

You need to make sure all of your site is up to scratch in Google’s eyes. You may even get a real person look over your site – if they are suspicious then you will be penalised.

So in this business you are supposed to work to the rules, without knowing what the rules are!!

The best thing you can do is to give your visitors the absolute best content you can. I know this has been said a million times before ( ok QSR 74,300 just checked, yes it will be different when you check it!!) and market your post on social media to your targeted audience.

If Google allows it to float up to the top with a newbie site you will very quickly get slapped back down if a person needs to look at your site. So starting out you cannot rely on organic traffic.

Why is there this stigma to get to number one in Google – money and traffic.

At least getting onto page one will get you a little bit of traffic, but getting to the top spot will get your site exposure, if you are there or there-abouts with multiple searches people get to know your brand. This is the reason you website name should be easy to remember and snappy.

How to get in the first page of google

So to get to that magic top spot you need history, you need a list of inbound links from influencers, you need to do your LTK SEO. You need a good site, you probably know a lot of this but for newbies who have been told to find the keyword with the lowest quoted search results with the most searches and you will get ranked on page one, you may be disappointed at how the data can be manipulated.

As I say at the moment I am on page one in spot one if I use the QSR ( yippee!!) but if I search properly I am on page 11 – lots of traffic then!!!

I will keep this post updated weekly – if I remember – to see if it rises against the odds!!How to get in the first page of google-tips

So what I can say in defence of how to get in the first page of Google – it is all about who you know not what you know ( who would have thought that!!)

If you have any white hat tips on how to get in the first page of Google please leave them in the comments box below.

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How to get in the first page of google

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