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Why should you use it? what advantage does it give you?

What is a Keyword

When you are looking for something on the web you typically type into a search engine what you want. From this you expect that the results returned will match what you are searching for.

To achieve this the search engines make a list of the sites it visits in a database. It summarises the pages according to the words used on it. If a particular word or words occur many times it will use these as tags to match up with your search terms.

Dependent on other parameters as well, you may be listed at the top of the search, this means you will get the majority of the traffic related to that search. As you cannot always change the other parameters you are ranked on, you might as well do your best with the keywords you want to be ranked for.

Why should you use a keyword tool

Using Google to search for keywords will become very painful time wise. You can type into google the keyword you want to use, this will give you the number of sites using this term. You will have to go to the bottom and click on the last page to see the correct number. You will need to do this for each variation you want to look at.

Another method is to use the Google alphabet soup method. Where you type your keyword into the search bar and add a letter after it. Google will show up to 4 suggestions starting with that letter. You can do this with the letter before the search term as well. How long is this going to take you? 26 letter of the alphabet, writing down the results.

So manually you are going to have to do an awful lot of work to find the keywords, then you find the number of sites using that term.

You also want to find out how many people are searching for the keywords. This cannot be done with Google search engine, but is carried out with Google’s free tool Adwords. Typing the keywords into Adwords keyword finder you can find out how many are searching for this term monthly.

Wouldn’t it be much easier and more efficient if you could have all of this data in one place, quickly. Enter Jaaxy.

Jaaxy keyword tool

you can try out Jaaxy’s power for free, seeing what result you can get and how quick it is with their proprietary search algorithm.

Using Jaaxy enterprise you will be searching faster than ever before. Having easier to understand data presented before you know it.

Jaaxy puts you in the driver seat of efficient keyword research.

What about Jaaxy keyword tool in detail

once you sign in to your enterprise account you have full access to the power of Jaaxy for keyword research.

The main page shows you the menu system.

Clicking on the keyword research item takes you to the page where you are presented with a search bar and a blank table.

Typing into the search bar your keyword term and pressing enter will very quickly fill up the table.

The information presented is easy to understand at a glance.what about jaaxy - main page

You have lists of keyword, with your search term at the top.

The second column showing the monthly searches.

The third column shows the typical number of visitors if you are ranked on page one.

The fourth column show the QSR ( quoted search results), the number of competition with the exact keywords.

The fifth column shows the KQI( keyword quality index) as a colour, either red for high competition, yellow for medium competition or green for low competition.

The sixth column shows the SEO power, this is a score based on the the traffic and competition, the higher the number (within 1 to 100) the more likely you are to rank on the first page.

The last column shows the availability of the domain names.

The most important information is the monthly search column, the QSR column and does it make sense.

You can click on the top of the column for QSR to organise the data from low to high or high to low for the competition. You can do this for the search traffic as well.

As you skim down the list of keyword terms, ticking the box to the left will allow you to save your currently selected search terms, after saving you can export the keywords, and continue to manipulate the data.

With the list of keywords you can quickly come up with a number of ideas for posts that would keep you busy for a very long time.

With this menu item you can perform multi-threaded searches to save you even more time, up to 5 simultaneous searches can be performed. Increasing your efficiency even further.

Other menu items you have access to are alphabet soup – similar to typing into Google with the alphabet but more search terms returned – up to 50 per letter.

You can find out when researching niches whether there are any affiliate programs. This may be very important with whether you select a paying niche or find that you are struggling to find how to monetise your site.

So why would you need Jaaxy?

To save you time as simple as that!– within this business you have limited resources. One of the major limited resources you cannot do anything about is time. This will pass whether you want it to or not. So making the best use of your most valuable resource has got to make sense.

Why not take a free trial of Jaaxy to see if I am right about the amount of time you can save?

What else is within jaaxy?

If you want to know where you are ranked within the search engines, you can use the site rank within jaaxy.

Type in your keyword and your URL, pressing return you are shown where your pages are ranked within Google.

You can also use this feature to see where your competition are ranked for your keyword. Finding this may allow you to search for a better keyword and outrank them.

Are you in the business of buying domains? Jaaxy has got you covered in revealing those hard to find names.

Clicking on the link for the type of domain (.com, .net etc) will take you to Godaddy.com to purchase the domain.

Full training on the use of the tool is available within the training area. Multiple videos are available to show the various features including keyword research and management, niche refinement and more.

So what about Jaaxy – should you use it?

Let’s see what you get

  1. Understand exact keyword competition instantlywhat about jaaxy promo3
  2. Where your website ids ranked instantly
  3. Become a successful domain buyer instantly
  4. Screen and sort your data instantly
  5. Get data that matters instantly
  6. Have a mobile research tool
  7. Have access to all enterprise updates and beta testing.

All of this for just $49/ month reduced from $69/month or annually at $499 a saving of $89 on the discounted price!!

See how easy it is to use Jaaxy – Sign in for a FREE account.

So what about Jaaxy as a keyword research tool? I think it is one – if not the – quickest tool available on the net, saving you a massive amount of time – or allowing you to carry out more searches than any other tool.

If you have any experiences with Jaaxy and would like to share them please leave a comment in the box below

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